to create a language school within a school

Starter (A1) – Advanced 3 (C1)

The Portal prepares students who are in secondary schools to excel in their English Language subject. Also available in the portal are the Mathematics & Science content for students  learning these subjects in the English language.

For access to the J.ET Portal, students will need to register for the J.ET annual membership  programme.

Starter (A1) – Advanced 3 (C1)

The JustRead Programme focuses on cultivating lifelong reading habits that will help students improve their English and also grow intellectually in many other ways.

The programme runs across 30 weeks in a year and consist of 30 sessions. For each session/week, Just English will release 2 digital articles to the subscriber. All 60 articles are accompanied by fun quizzes that are auto-graded at the end of the session.

Starter (A1) – Advanced 3 (C1)

This package includes:

  • 30 sets of practice tests complete with auto-marking functions and model answers.
  • Library of Grammar & Vocabulary exercises.
  • Structured and easily understood reading materials.
  • Summary writing practices.
  • Wide variety of exercises for self-learning.