to create a language school within a school

Starter (A1) – Advanced 3 (C1)

English file builds learners’ confidence to communicate with a proven balance of Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Skills development in every file.

To give teachers and students a 21st century learning experience English File comes with brand new digital components: Classroom Presentation Tool for teachers: a digital resource that brings the classroom to life with interactive course materials – on interactive whiteboard, projectors or screen. All your digital teaching needs available online or offline, from your tablet or computer.

Starter (A1) – Advanced (C1)

Product Features

  • Is a practical guide to using English in all situations.
  • Is complete with extensive grammar rules.
  • May be used in the classroom or for independent home study.
  • Contains rules and explanations written in a simple, logical format to help you improve your English.
  • Provides tests on each section to help assess your progress and reinforce learning.
Starter (A1) – Elementary (A2)

Just English Exploring Reading & Writing Skills is the first of a two-level reading and writing series by Just English for beginning and elementary learners of English. This revised edition of Exploring Reading & Writing Skills contains short reading passages with accompanying exercises to facilitate comprehension, vocabulary development, critical and speaking skills. The short texts deal with a variety of topics of personal and common interest.

They enable learners to practise skimming and scanning for information and to learn vocabulary associated with the topics. These texts are also models for building language skills in preparation to write. Learners are supported to structure grammatically correct sentences and then to organise sentences into cohesive and coherent paragraphs.

Starter (A1) – Elementary (A2)

Just English Developing Reading & Writing Skills is the second of a two-level reading and writing series for elementary learners of English. This revised edition of Developing Reading & Writing Skills contains short reading passages with accompanying exercises for learners to practise basic reading skills – predicting, skimming, scanning and vocabulary building strategies.

The carefully selected exercises help facilitate comprehension, vocabulary development, critical thinking and speaking skills. The development of writing skills features guidelines and pointers on how to construct texts of different genres – narrative, descriptive and expository.

Pre-Intermediate (B1) – Upper-Intermediate (B2)

Each level targets reading strategies using authentic texts spanning a wide range of themes, which are meant to keep students engaged and interested.

The main goal of Read It Right series is to give students practice to comprehend reading.

Each lesson comes complete with pre-reading, while reading and post-reading activities. The pre-reading precedes the text and stimulates students through tasks to activate their prior knowledge on the subject of the text. In each lesson, a reading strategy is targeted and  students are given practice in using the strategy. 

Additional post-reading comprehension tasks challenge the students on their understanding of the text. The lessons conclude taking the students beyond the text, with activities that require students to conduct online research or engage in other follow-up activities, which aim to make them autonomous readers.

Pre-Intermediate (B1) – Upper-Intermediate (B2)

The focus of this series is on the writing process from topic through to final draft.

Each book starts with a unit examining the basic structure of an essay and steps to essay writing in general. Subsequent units in each book cover different modes of writing. Students should have the tools and confidence to compose different types of essays as they work through the books in this series.