Classroom Solutions

to create a language school within a school

Starter (A1) – Advanced 3 (C1)

This solution involves the set-up of a language school within a school. The Just English Centre will function as a designated area for ELT and will integrate all the best practices in ELT in terms of resources, training, educational technology and practical implementation steps to ensure impactful ELT for both teachers and students of the school.

We provide the blueprint and framework for the set-up of the Just English Centre at a designated area for innovative and effective ELT within a school.

Starter (A1) – Advanced 3 (C1)

Each lesson is carefully curated to expose students to current event topics and issues with the aim to improve their general knowledge and allow them to build their speaking confidence and ability.

Learners will deal with a wide array of topics with grammar, vocabulary, reading texts, interactive listening and speaking, and have ample opportunity to enhance their communicative skills during the LiveSpeak class.

The video conferencing set up allows students to interact and learn from a diversified pool of qualified Native-Speaking English Language teachers from around the world.

Starter (A1) – Advanced 3 (C1)

The Programme aims to concentrate on building and instilling interest in the language and extensive reading habits, as well as patterns of practice and usage in listening and speaking.

The Programme emphasizes student-centred activity-based learning that is enjoyable, while using computer-assisted language learning materials that focuses on essential communication skills.

Each classroom instruction forms part of a critical core of syllabus material that is correlated to the Malaysian school syllabus so that it is relevant to what the students learn during school hours, yet complements and goes beyond their textbooks.