It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it



Just English Sdn Bhd (JESB) ( was established in September 2002. Its mission is to make learning English effective and purposeful. We use practical applications and educational technology to improve the English language learning environment, hence make teaching & learning English fun, interactive and effective. Our goal is to enable and empower our learners to attain to international and global standards in knowledge and skills, ready for the challenges of the modern digital age.

Just English Clients

JESB’s clients include private high schools and language centres, which adopt our complete system for English language learning as well as those which only adopt our teaching resources and the Just English textbooks. Just English is at the cutting edge in the new areas of e-learning and in the building of teaching and learning environments and communities to enable maximum effectiveness, supportive of teachers and students and positive in terms of learning experiences.

We are proud to serve students to be better users of the English language, and for them to forge ahead and master the English language for academic success and an enhanced future. Working together with us are English teachers, principals and Board of Governors from their respective schools to deliver the enhanced English classes using our textbooks, resources, online community and 21st century digital learning concepts.