Exploring Reading and Writing Skills

Exploring Reading & Writing Skills

All books come with audio CDs of texts to assist students with pronunciation and intonation in reading the texts.

Exploring Reading and Writing Skills (Starter) is meant for students begininning reading and writing. It contains a wide range of short reading passages with accompanying exercises to test for comprehension, vocabulary, thinking and speaking skills. The passages are also models for building language skills in preparation for writing. Grammar structures are introduced to help string correct sentences to put them together into cohesive paragraphs.

The lesson units start with pre-reading questions and activities which lead into the texts. There are post-reading tasks to test for comprehension. It takes students further with some thinking and speaking activities. Some grammar presented in the text is addressed. The students are then taken through some writing exercises to build on writing skills. The whole unit has accompanying lesson plans and a CD with power point slides for teachers to aid teaching.

Look at the example to see how the manual and the book should be used side by side.

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