Developing Reading and Writing Skills

All books come with audio CDs of texts to assist students with pronunciation and intonation in reading the texts.

Developing Reading and Writing Skills (Elementary) takes students a step beyond the Starter level. The short reading passages have post-reading tasks which allow students to practice basic reading skills – skimming, scanning, predicting and guessing meaning of words in context. Relevant grammar structures are taught which help students to write better. Writing at this level include narrative, descriptive and expository writing.

Lesson units start with pre-reading activities to introduce the topic or reading skill. There are two short reading passages to practice for comprehension and reading skills. A section on Sentence skills highlights grammar, sentence pattern and punctuation. The Writing section introduces students in a step-by-step manner to write narrative, descriptive and expository paragraphs. A Speaking task takes students a step further to foster critical thinking skills. Lesson units come with accompanying lesson plans and a CD with power point slides for teachers to aid teaching.

Look at the example to see how the manual and the book should be used side by side.

Student’s Book

  • 26 topic-based units featuring reading & vocabulary building skills & practice exercise
  • Appendix Punctuation in writing
  • CD recording of reading passages

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Student’s Book


      Teacher’s Book

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  • Complete answer keys
  • Five practice exercises

Teacher’s Book

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