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The subscription rate in Malaysia:

  • JEX single copy – RM13.00 (Print)
  • JEX subscription (6 issues per year) – RM58.00 (1 year print)
  • JEX single copy – RM6.00 (1 digital)
  • JEX subscription (6 issues per year) – RM24.00 (1 year digital)
  • 1 year print & digital of JEX – RM75.00

Orders in Malaysia are inclusive of postage and handling.
For orders outside Malaysia, please include postage rate. Click here.

Payment Options

There are 3 ways to pay for your order:

  1. Mailing your payment
    (Cheque/LO/Money Order/Postal Order/Demand Draft)
  2. Internet banking
    After you have created your order on Just English Online Store site, transfer the money through your internet banking facility to complete the order.
  3. Using your credit card through PayPal

Sample Issue

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Just English Explorer Sample