Just English Explorer

The Just English Explorer magazine is written for primary to teenagers of Beginner to Pre-Intermediate level command of English. It features current articles that are suited to the different reading levels of students, and improves their vocabulary and general knowledge at the same time.

The magazine can be used by students alone or in a classroom setting. It works hand-in-hand with our website.


  • Bi-monthly magazine (6 issues per year)
  • The articles in the magazine are graded according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at A1 (Beginner), A2 (Elementary) and B1 (Intermediate) levels to match reader’s ability.
  • A wide variety of topics and genres are covered:
    • Reports (information, scientific, reports, news)
    • Narratives (extracts, short stories, poems, classical/traditional tales, legends)
    • Recounts (personal experiences/biographies, historical, factual, literacy, poetic)
    • Procedures (instructions on doing or making something)
    • Descriptions (poems, everyday life experiences, animals)
  • Accompanying page at the end of article for reinforcement is a list of words defined under Glossary.
  • Suggested activities for further practices
  • Featuring fun language exercises from Just English Language & Study Guide and games, such as word search and spot the difference
  • Additional online materials are available online for selected articles, including:
    • audio recordings (to improve listening and pronunciation skills)
    • downloadable lesson plans (for teachers to use in the classroom)

Usage Instructions

In schools, teachers typically use the magazines in the classroom as reading comprehension material, followed by exercises on vocabulary and comprehension that accompany the articles.

Teachers can also assign the magazines as homework to cultivate the reading habit. Students are encouraged to subscribe to the magazines on an annual basis, and they derive great pleasure from the extensive reading of articles on various topics and themes. The companion websites are to support these readers by providing more interesting and fun activities.

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