Our products are the result of contributions by experienced educationists, successful operational managers and technology experts.

Our flagship product is the Just English Centre which, in a nutshell, is everything you need to run an English language school. Designed using the latest in educational methodology, materials and technology, our centres run efficiently at high standards and quality. From curriculum to classroom, administration to training, our system incorporates checks and balances to ensure the best environment possible for teaching and learning of English.

We also produce printed and electronic resources, working with global publishing giants to localise and meet the needs of the community and country where we operate.

The Just English publication team works together with global publishers to develop the following titles:


Our textbooks are written for skills improvement in the areas of listening & speaking, reading & writing, grammar and vocabulary.


The magazines contain a range of articles including science, nature, entertainment, historical accounts, current issues, etc.


Our resources are developed for teachers who want a systematic approach to teaching yet stimulating enough for their students in learning.