Just Write It!

Just English Magazine now offers a golden writing opportunity for its readers. Send in your creative article to us and we’ll select 3 winners bi-monthly to be featured in our magazines.

Just English Magazine and Just English Explorer magazine are fantastic classroom supplements. Students and teachers can benefit from the various writing styles, topics and fun English activities to build their vocabulary and improve their language abilities. The magazines are filled with interesting articles and stories graded by CEFR level, written by a group of diverse writers; with each article carefully curated for maximum learning value, accompanied by amazing illustrations to attract the reader’s interest.

Now, Just English would like to encourage its readers to put what they have learnt from the magazines to good use. We would like them to exercise their language skills and push their levels of proficiency even higher. And we offer a RM100.00 reward to individuals for selected pieces of writing!

This is a marvellous springboard for readers to enter the wonderful world of writing. The field of writing is as wide as it is vast: science, fiction, literature, poetry, history, and much more! Many industries require good writers and with improved skills students will have a headstart preparing for better careers.

How to join?

  • STEP 1: Follow our Facebook page – Just English
  • STEP 2: Get your writer’s hat on & start writing!
  • STEP 3: Submit your article to your English teacher who will then share it with us!

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page!

Article Guidelines

The submissions are subjected to the following:

  • All submissions must contain the writer’s name and age, teacher’s name, name of school and an image of the school crest (if possible). A photo of the writer would also be appreciated.
  • Works submitted must be of the best quality or they will reflect poorly on all parties, and must be original in nature, not copied or adapted from another source.
  • All submissions will automatically be the property of Just English and cannot be submitted to other publications without prior agreement. Just English reserves the right to publish any submission.
  • All works should be between 550 and 850 words.
  • Submissions will be subjected to editing as the magazine sees fit.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Participants must be a member of an educational institution or school in Malaysia.
  2. Each institution or school must be a Just English subscriber (JustRead, Just English Magazine or Just English Explorer).
  3. There is no limit to the number of submissions each participant can make, but each winner can only win one reward bi-monthly.
  4. Age eligibility – participants must be at least 10 years old.
  5. All submissions must be submitted to theeditor@justenglish.com through a liaison teacher. Only ONE (1) liaison teacher from each institution is allowed and he/she must provide email and phone contact number.
  6. The names of the 3 winners and their schools will be announced bi-monthly (except end of year holidays) on our official Facebook channel.
  7. All participating institutions will be given 1 free access code for the online JustRead programme (all levels for 1 year).