Mad as a March hare

Meaning :Someone who is excitable and unpredictable. Example :Ashley became as mad as a March hare, singing and dancing in the office, because she was informed that she had won tickets to meet her favourite popstar.

Last straw

Meaning :The final problem that makes someone lose their temper or the problem that finally brought about the collapse of something. Example :Using Sally’s hairbrush without her permission was the last straw for her roommate, Macy and that’s why she was locked out of the room.

Keep your shirt on!

Meaning :To tell someone to calm down. Example :“Please keep your shirt on, as the plane is only going through some minor turbulance,” the air stewardess told the panicking passenger.

Kettle of fish

Meaning :A pretty or fine kettle of fish is a difficult problem or situation Example :Beatrice found herself with a kettle of fish, when she forgot to fix her car before going on that long journey.

Early bird catches the worm

Meaning :If you start something early, you stand a better chance of success. Example :Emile is always successful in completing his assignments, as he starts them straight away like the early that catches the worm.

Vent your spleen.

Meaning :If you vent your spleen, you express your anger. Example :The teacher finally vented his spleen on the naughty students.

Fall from grace.

Meaning :If you fall from grace, you do something that results in a loss of respect and support, especially among those who influence your life or career. Example :The pop star had a fall from grace after her scandal with the president of the studio.

Chickens come home to roost.

Meaning :If chickens are coming home to roost, someone is suffering the unpleasant consequences of their bad actions in the past. Example :The chickens came home to roost on the manager when he was finally proven to be taking bribes, and arrested.

Add fuel to the fire.

Meaning :If you add fuel to the fire, you do something to make a bad situation even worse. Example : Yelling at the crying baby just adds fuel to the fire.

Backed into a corner.

Meaning :If you’re backed into a corner, you’re in a difficult situation that will be hard to get out of. Example : After his shop closed down, Isaac felt he’d been backed into a corner unable to find a way out.