A1 Short Story

Why Pigs Like Being Dirty

Once upon a time, there lived a tiger in India. One day it was hungry. It went out to catch a cow. When it caught the cow, it sat under a tree to eat it. The cow was very good. The tiger liked eating it. After eating the cow, it became very full. The tiger became thirsty too.

So the tiger went to a pond. It wanted to drink some water. There was a pig at the pond. It was drinking water too. When it saw the tiger coming, it felt very afraid. It was so afraid that it forgot to run!

The tiger did not see the pig. When the tiger was going to drink from the pond, it smelled something bad. There was a bad smell. It was coming from the pond. So the tiger did not drink from the pond. It left and went away.

The pig saw the tiger going away. It thought, “The tiger must be afraid of me!”

The pig felt very strong. It ran to the tiger.

“Eat me!” the pig said.

The tiger was still full after eating a cow.

“No, I won’t,” said the tiger. “But meet me here tomorrow.”

The pig thought the tiger was really afraid of it.

“Okay,” said the pig. “We’ll meet here tomorrow.”

The pig was very happy. It went back to its family. It told them what happened. The other pigs heard the story. They knew the pig was wrong.




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thirsty – the need to drink water
pond – a small lake, a small area of water
happen – something that took earlier
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