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Who Invented Sandwiches & Burgers

I will not be surprised if you tell me that your favourite food is a sandwich or a burger. Both are very popular meals all around the world and are quite delicious.

A cool thing about sandwiches and burgers is that they can be made up of almost anything! You can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or make one with slices of turkey inside. A burger can have chicken meat or juicy mushrooms between its buns, or even both.

The only rule to making sandwiches and burgers is that the meal should be between two slices of bread. Any kind of bread can be used for sandwiches e.g. white bread, brown bread or more fancy breads like focaccia. For burgers, people usually use special burger buns cut into half.

The practise of eating food with bread is actually quite old. A long time ago before people had spoons and forks, flat pieces of bread were used to help people scoop up food and bring it from their plate to their mouth without making a mess. Types of flat bread were also sometimes used as plates. After the meal, the food-soaked plates were either eaten up or given to beggars or dogs to eat.

While sandwiches and burgers are quite similar, they actually come from different parts of the world. The sandwich comes from England, and the burger is said to be from Germany.

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fancy – expensive or high-class
focaccia – an Italian-style bread that is similar to pizza bread
scoop – picking up something, usually food, and usually with a spoon
soaked – becoming very wet, usually with water
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