A2 Information Report

Traveling for fun

You don’t have to leave your country to be a tourist. When you visit another city or town in your own country you are a tourist. A tourist is a person who travels for fun. Tourism is a business which gives information, lodging, food and activities for people who travel for fun. The places that tourists visit are called tourist destinations.

There are many reasons why people travel. Some tourists go to visit their family and friends in another country. Some tourists travel to get to know different places and weather. Some tourists travel to understand the history of other people. Some tourists travel to do things which they cannot do in their own countries. And some tourists travel for a change from the same old boring routine they face every day.

Today tourism is a very big business. Nowadays, people travel in big groups. They go on tours which are led by a guide. In 2018 alone, 1.4 billion international tourist trips were made!

The man who started tourism was Thomas Cook. He was born a very poor boy. He had to walk everywhere he went. He started working at the age of ten. He would think of many ways to make money. One day in 1841, he had the idea of renting a train. He wanted to take people from Leicester to Longborough in England. Each person paid a shilling (an old kind of money). Many of these people had never been on a train or travelled far from home before. Thomas Cook gave them a music band, afternoon tea and food on the train. The people loved it and other people became very interested too.


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tourism (n)  – the business of taking people and people to holiday in another country
lodging (n) – a place rented out to others to stay for a short while
routine (n) – usual or same way of doing things everyday
tour (n) – a journey to a different place, a visit to a new place
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