A1 Short Story

The Small Boat Who Did Not Give Up

Once upon a time, there was a little boat. The little boat liked sailing in the sea. Every day, it would sail out to sea. He had a good time sailing. He liked it when the waves made him go up and down.

The big boats did not like the little boat. They made fun of him. They said bad things about him. It made the little boat sad. The big boats did not want to play with the little boat.

When the little boat sailed near the big boats, the big boats would tell him, “Go away! You’re too small. You cannot play with us big boats.”

So the little boat was very sad. He played by himself.

One day, the little boat sailed out to sea. He was alone by himself. He loved sailing. The sun was shining and there was a cool wind blowing. The little boat sailed here and there. Sometimes, the dolphins would swim next to him. The dolphins jumped in and out of the water. They splashed water on the little boat and made him laugh.

The little boat was happy.

Then, the sky turned dark. A storm was coming. The little boat turned around to go home. He was a long way from home. He had sailed very far out in the sea.

The winds began to blow very hard. The waves got bigger and bigger. The clouds in the sky were heavy and dark. Then there was lightning everywhere. Rain fell on the little boat. The little boat could not get home in time.

He was afraid. The waves were very big and high. It was very difficult to sail over the big waves. The wind was also blowing very hard too. It made sailing very difficult.

Suddenly, a big wave splashed over the little boat. The little boat went under the water!

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dolphin– a sea creature that looks like a fish but is actually a mammal
splash– to make water spread everywhere
storm– a big period of rain with wind and lighting


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