A1 Short Story

The Oysters And The Clown Fish

Far off in the ocean lived a sea nymph. She had a beautiful magical coral reef. In this coral reef lived many beautiful oysters. These oysters spent most of their days happily in the coral reef.

The sad thing was that this reef looked a little ugly. Every few months, the oysters would make pretty pearls as a fee for staying in the coral reef. The nymph would send her fish soldiers to take the pearls for her.

One day, a clownfish was blown in by a powerful storm. He saw the coral reef. He thought to himself, “What a beautiful coral reef. It has food and a place for me to stay. I will make my home here.”

He swam nearer to the reef. To his surprise, out popped the oysters. They were angry.

“A stranger! A stranger! What are you doing here?” they asked angrily.

“Please, kind oysters, I would like to make a home here. The place is big enough for you and me,” he said.

The oysters were not happy.

“No! No! This reef belongs to us. We pay in pearls to stay in this coral reef. You cannot live here,” they shouted.

“Please give me a home because I am a fish with no home. I am lost in this sea. I will pay a fee to stay at this place too. Please give me a home,” the clownfish said.

“How will you pay the rent? You cannot make pearls,” said the oysters laughing. The rent is the money you pay to live in another person’s house.


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beautiful – pretty.
fee – money for advice or services.
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