A2 Short Story

The Naughty Little Calf

Once upon a time there lived a little calf name Cheeky who lived with his brothers and sisters on a farm in the middle of a village.

He was a very cheeky little cow who he loved to play tricks on his family. Despite their many scoldings, he still remained the little trickster that he was, much to his family’s annoyance.

One day, while he and his brothers and sisters were grazing near a field at the edge of the jungle, a mischievous idea came to his head.

“This looks like a perfect spot for a tiger to spring out and try to eat us. But it is also the perfect spot for a prank!” the calf sniggered to himself.

As his brothers and sisters were happily grazing under the noonday sun, all of a sudden the little calf sprang out from the bushes shouting,

“Run! Run for your lives! There is a tiger behind me!”

Immediately, all the other calves shot off in different directions, trying to escape with their life. It was confusion,panic and pandemonium.

Big sister jumped into a puddle of mud hoping that it would cover her. Elder brother ran behind a scarecrow. The youngest brother pretended to be a scarecrow while the other calves tried to climb up a tree.

It was a funny sight indeed. When everything had settled down, there was one little calf laughing in the middle of the field.

Big sister calf came out from the mud hole looking more like a water buffalo than a cow, and began to scold Cheeky angrily. “How dare you play a prank like that on us? Our brothers or sisters could have hurt themselves.”

“Oh, lighten up. It was all in good fun!” said Cheeky.

Despite the angry stares and frowns he got from the rest of his family members, Cheeky wasn’t remorseful. He did not change his ways.

A week or so went by and Cheeky once again found himself grazing in the same field with the other calves. He rubbed his hooves gleefully as he decided to play the same prank again.

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annoyance – the feeling of being irritated or slightly angry
prank – a practical joke or mischievous act
snigger – laugh quietly
pandemonium – wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar
remorseful – filled with regret; sorry
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