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The Myth of The Girl & Boy Brain

Many people believe that boys and girls have different brains. Social media is filled with memes about the differences between boys and girls.

Boys googled “PC overheated solutions” while girls googled “My PC is overheated how do I get it cool to down because this PC is my life ”.

Another meme shows the Facebook status of a guy called Derp and a girl called Derpina. Derp says, “I win a Nobel prize!” and he gets one ‘like’ on Facebook. Derpina says, “I just arrived from the mall and I bought a dress and a pair of jeans ☺” and she gets 86,636 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

Most people think that guys are logical and clever, while girls are overly emotional and are just there to look pretty. This kind of thinking of what a boy or girl should be can be very damaging to both boys and girls. Surprisingly, some neuroscientists believe this too.

In the past, women were supposed to be more nurturing and empathic; while men were more aggressive and competitive by nature. This view was supported by studies of animal brains and early human brain scan images.

The studies focused on finding differences between various parts of the brain. Certain parts are related to emotion, to decision making and to aggression. Results from studies show that the part of the brain associated with emotion was much larger in the female brain. So they think that the size differences explains why women were more emotional compared to men.

We naturally, on our own, assume that men and women are different. We think we know it – it is a feeling that we have. We tend to assume that because men and women have different sex organs and hormones which affect the brain. We say they have different brains as well. This is not true.

The studies were based on animal brains but today, we know the animal brain is not the same as the human brain. Also, scans on early human brains were not accurate.

Many people believe we are born with the sex. They think that since males and females have brains that function differently, they should be treated differently or parented and educated differently. This influences the way we see people of the opposite sex.



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meme (n) – an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users.
emotional (adj) –openly show how you fell e.g. jump and clap when happy, or cry when sad
neuroscientist (n) –a scientist who studies the brain.
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