B2 Short Story

The Magic Fox And The Young Prince Part 2

The prince, the princess and the fox climbed on the prince’s horse and went to see the Red King. When they arrived at the palace, the fox did a somersault and changed himself into a princess. He looked very much like the real princess.

While the real princess went to hide herself, the prince and the fox (disguised as a princess) went to see the Red King. When the king saw the princess, he was delighted. He thought it was the real princess. He called his servants to prepare for a wedding so he could marry the princess immediately.

The Red King’s ministers and important friends came to the wedding. He was very happy as he sat next to his new wife. As the guests ate at the wedding, they said among themselves, “The princess is very beautiful except for one small thing.”

The Red King heard what they said and asked, “What is that?”

They answered, “She has the eyes of a fox!”

When the fox heard them saying that, it slipped under the table and did a somersault to turn back into a fox. Then it ran as quickly as it could out of the palace. The palace guards could not catch the fox. It ran and joined its friends.

The prince, the princess and the fox rode back home. On the way, they passed the forest and stopped where the prince had given supper to the fox.

The fox jumped down from the horse and said, “Do you see these big stones?”

The prince nodded.

“They are your brothers. Those are their horses and dogs,” explained the fox.

“How did they become stones?” asked the prince.

“They set their dogs on me so I turned them into stones. Would you like me to turn them back again?” asked the fox.

“Of course. Every man loves his brothers,” said the prince.

“Alright, I will but you may regret that I did,” warned the fox. The fox walked to the stones and patted them three times. “Become alive again!” commanded the fox. The stones turned into the brothers again.




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