B1 Information Report

The Best Jobs Ever

What do you want to be when you grow up? Most kids would say doctor, lawyer, teacher and so on. Some might even dream big. They might say they want to be astronauts and go into space. However, not many know they could be an ice cream flavour creator or video game tester…

Ice cream flavour creator

If you love ice cream, thank an ice cream flavour creator. Every day, these lucky people mix ice creams with different sauces. They use flavours and snacks to make new types of ice cream. They get to taste the ice creams they make too. This is to make sure others will like them. Sometimes they even travel to look for new ideas. Now that is a cool job!

How to get this job:

Study food science at university! Becoming a chef first might also help.


LEGO model designer

Just think: being able to build big, pretty LEGO buildings and get paid for it. That is what a LEGO model designer does. They create models for LEGOlands all over the world. From famous buildings to movie scenes, there are always interesting things to build. Of course, it takes time and hard work to bring these beautiful pieces to life. Still, the fun makes it worth the effort!

How to get this job:

Study 3D Art and spend more time practicing with lego pieces of course! You must also be good at problem solving because it’s definitely not easy to put big structures together.


Water Slide Tester

It is true, you can now test water slides as a job. First Choice is a company that builds water parks. They pay people to do just that. You would have to test the height, speed, landing and safety. It can also be hard to work when it gets cold outside. Still, the company pays you to travel to their water parks. This means going all over the world for free!

How to get this job:

You don’t need to study anything in particular for this job, but you do need to be creative. You must also be good in English and be a positive person.


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model – a smaller, 3D copy of a person, structure or thing.
designer – a person who thinks of how something could be made and draws.
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