A2 Short Story

The Adventures of Salvator Rosa Part 2

In Part One, the famous painter Salvator Rosa was captured by bandits in the mountain. He had to pay a ransom for his release but none of his friends were able to help him come up with 10,000 ducats!

Salvator wrote to his friends begging them to pay his ransom again but no one replied.

Each time there was no answer, the bandit leader became angrier than the last. Nevertheless, his beautiful wife was able to calm him down and convince him to wait a little longer.

Salvator tried once more; this time asking a friend to sell all the paintings in his room and to deliver the money for his release. He was sure all his paintings could cover the price of the ransom.

After he wrote the letter, he felt at ease. He began to paint the mountains surrounding the bandits’ camp. He painted the two children and their mother. The woman liked the painting of her children so much she treated Salvator kindly in return.

He got on well with the woman and her children. She liked talking to him because he was from the city, and not rough and gruff like the bandits. He even gave the children some lessons because they did not attend school.

Sadly, after a few weeks, no reply and no money came. The bandit leader was furious!

“Are you making fun of me?! I have had enough of your lies! I want my money now!”

Salvator replied meekly, “None of my friends have the money to help me. Wait a little longer. I am sure my friends are trying to sell my paintings to raise the money needed.”

“Wait longer? I will not wait a day more! I should have done something with you a long time ago. This is your last day!” he roared.

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rough and gruff – ill mannered, badly behaved, impolite
furious – very angry
meekly – in a humble way
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