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Synchronized Sports

Most sports test your speed, strength or skill. However, some sports also test how well you can move together with your partner or teammates. Some of these sports need the players to mirror their partners or team members exactly. Others are more about moving in a coordinated way. Here is a list of popular synchronised sports:

1. Synchronised Diving

Synchronized diving is an Olympic sport. For this event, divers form pairs and try to perform dives that are as alike as possible. The divers not only have to be very clear on the exact type of dive they are going to do, but also to start together, spin and twirl together and even hit the water together as well! This sport is challenging because every person’s body is different. Your partner may be taller, heavier, or wider than you. All this affects the speed in which you move through the air during a dive. However, good synchronised divers are able to make their movements match despite these differences. Watching a good pair of synchronised divers would be like watching a mime and his mirror-image.

2. Karate Team Kata

Karate is not an Olympic sport but it is included in other games like the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games. One of the exercises in karate is called the “kata”. A kata is just like a dance, except that it is done with karate moves. There are many types of kata with Japanese names like Kihongata (kata of basics) and Gojūshiho-Sho (54 steps). During team events, three karate exponents form a triangle and perform the kata together. They will be tested for their skill and also how well they match each other. Can you imagine three strong men or women doing exactly the same moves and shouting at exactly the same time? Sometimes the floor will shake from the force of their kicks and punches!

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coordinated – doing e.g. a dance, in a way that looks harmonious and flows well
exponents – people who have and can perform a particular skill
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