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Strange Stories of Sewers

The sewer is the last place to find a story. After all, it is a place where you flush your unwanted waste. The sewer carries dirty, stinky water from our homes to god-knowswhere. We don’t care where, as long as it is nowhere near our homes, right? Well in some instances, a few individuals have found themselves much closer to the sewer than they could ever imagine!

Imagine being in the sewer, standing in ankle deep water filled with brown floating waste. Ewww! Now, imagine crawling in it! Ewww! Ewww!

Yet, a man did just that. In 1736, Daniel Malden, a prisoner in Newgate Prison, broke out of his cell into the sewer pipe underneath it. He crawled in the small dirty prison sewer line. As he crawled, he was soak with even more waste from the prison toilets! When prison guards noticed him missing and saw the hole in his cell floor, they began looking for him. Malden had to hide in the sewer line for two days. He finally crawled out through another toilet bowl and made his escape!

Some homes are built over their own septic tank. These tanks hold the house’s waste and need to be emptied every few years. A private contractor can help to pump out the contents of the tank. Brian Warner’s neighbour did not know that until he saw Warner doing it. The neighbour had not emptied the septic tank since he moved in 22 years ago. One Christmas morning, the neighbour knocked on his door. He was in a state of panic. His basement was flooded with dirty, smelly water! Warner went over and recommended a contractor be called in immediately. As it was Christmas morning, no one was working and the neighbour had an unpleasantly smelly Christmas that year.

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sewer – pipes that carry away waste
underneath – below a surface
septic tank – a large tank that holds waste
unpleasant – not nice, unenjoyable
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