A1 Short Story

Stone Soup

Once upon a time, there was a young soldier who was going home after the war. He was a poor soldier. He had nothing to eat. He was very hungry.

He stopped at every village along the way. He asked the people in the villages for food but no one gave him any. They said they did not have any food or that they were too poor to share their food with him.

The hungry soldier had an idea. He picked up a stone and went to a house in the village. He knocked on the door. An old woman opened the door.

“Hello,” said the young soldier.

“Hello, young man. What can I do for you?” said the old woman.
“I am a soldier going home after the war. I am very hungry,” he said.

“Oh! I am a poor woman and I can’t share my food with you,” the old woman quickly said. “I don’t have food for both of us.”

“No, no, no. I can cook my own soup. I only need to use your pot. I am going to cook stone soup.”

“In that case, come into the kitchen.”

So, the soldier went into the old woman’s kitchen. He took out his stone and showed it to the old woman.

“I ate stone soup all the time when I was in the war. It is very nice! I will cook some for you too. Just let me use your pot,” he said.

The old woman had never heard of stone soup. She watched the soldier put the stone into the pot. He put in some water. Then he put the pot on the stove.

When the water was hot, he tasted it. He smiled and said it tasted good. The old woman couldn’t wait to have some of the soup.





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soldier (n) – a person who works in the army, fights for his country
war (n) – fighting between two countries
knock (v) – to use the knuckles on your hand to hit a door

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