A1 Short Story

Siva And the Blue Diamond

Siva is a thief. A thief is a person who likes to steal things. He will take things that are not his. Siva likes stealing things. He does not like working.

One day, he hears a man telling a story about a blue diamond. A diamond is a special stone. It is very expensive. Siva wants to steal the diamond. The blue diamond is more expensive than other diamonds because it is special. Most diamonds do not have any colour. This diamond is blue. It is special.

“If I can steal the blue diamond, I can sell it for a lot of money,” he thinks to himself. “I will be rich. I do not have to work for a long time.”

The blue diamond belongs to a rich woman. She lives in a big house. She has big dogs. The dogs take care of her house.

One night, Siva goes to the rich woman’s house. The house has a big wall. The wall is very tall. It is taller than Siva. The dogs can smell Siva standing on the other side of the wall. The dogs bark very loudly. They are making a lot of noise.

Siva gives them some meat to eat. He has put something into the meat. The dogs become very sleepy after eating the meat. Soon, they go to sleep.

Siva climbs up and over the wall. He jumps into the garden quietly. He sees the kitchen window. The windows and doors of the house are locked.

Siva opens the lock. He opens the window slowly. He is very good at opening doors and windows.





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rich (adj) – to have a lot of money
smell (v) – to use the nose to find something
bark (v) – the sound a dog makes
climb (v) – to go up, e.g. a tree or wall
quietly (v) – by making no sound or noise

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