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Recycling – Think Before You Throw!

When you eat an ice cream or candy bar, what do you do with the wrapper? We all know that we must throw rubbish in the rubbish bin. Your room would be very messy if you left your wrappers lying around. Throwing your rubbish away helps keep everything clean and neat. But did you know that some things that you throw away could be used again?

Part of recycling is reusing. Re-using is to use again. A simple way to start is to ask yourself, “Can I use this thing again?” For example, when you are drawing on a piece of paper and you do not want to keep the drawing, do not throw it away. The other side of the paper is still clean. You can use the other side the next time you want to draw something. If you buy some food that comes in a plastic container, you can wash and keep the container. The next time you buy food, bring the container along so that you can pack yourfood in it.

On the other hand, to recycle, start by sorting your garbage. Instead of just throwing all your garbage away into a big garbage bin, you can sort them into smaller bins. Use different bins for food, paper, glass, plastic and metal. Food cannot be recycled because it will rot but almost everything else can be recycled.

After you sort your garbage, the recycling truck will collect them and send them to different factories. At the paper factory, the old paper will be crushed into pulp and cleaned, and then flattened out to make new paper. At the glass factory, the glass will be heated and melted down. The melted glass can be shaped into new glass bottles, glass cups and glass plates. Plastics and metals will be melted down and turned into new things as well.

It is important to recycle because if we do not recycle, one day we will run out of resources to make new things. For example, paper is made from trees. If we do not recycle old paper, we will have to keep cutting down trees to make new paper. New trees are not able to grow fast enough to replace the trees we cut down. Can you imagine a world without trees?

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container (n) – a type of box to keep things in.
sorting (v) – putting similar things together.
rot (v) – go bad or break down.
pulp (n) – wet, crushed paper or trees.
resources (n) – natural things that can be used to make things.
replace (v) – putting something back after it has been taken away.

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