A2 Short Story

Queen of The Seasons

“Spring is here! Spring is heeeeeere!” my little sister yelled. She came running into my room. She had a big smile on her face.

“Basant is near!” I said excitedly. We both ran down the stairs. We asked our mother when the big day for the celebrations was.

There are four seasons in Pakistan. This year, we had a long and harsh winter. Thankfully, around the end of April, the snow melted. The animals woke up, trees filled up with green leaves and flowers bloomed. The air smelled fresh and the fields looked vibrant. The land was ready to be cultivated. We will have crops ready for the summer.

Spring is said to be the “Queen of the Seasons”. It is a time of joy, happiness and colours. It is a new beginning for animals, plants and people. Many baby animals are born in this season. Trees grow new leaves and flowers release pollen and seeds so that new plants can grow. In Pakistan, the coming of spring is very important and celebrated in a cultural festival called Basant.

The festival started in Punjab, a state in India and Pakistan. People have been celebrating it as early as the 19th century. It is a festival that people look forward to the whole year. Something special happens at Basant – people fly beautiful kites!

“Mama, when is Basant?” my sister Laila asked with sparkling eyes.

Mother replied happily, “Tomorrow! It’s the fifth day of spring. Let’s take out our festival clothes and get them ready! I’ll ask your father to take out the kites and I’ll start preparing the sweets.”



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harsh (adj)– cruel, very bad or severe
bloom (v)– to open up e.g. flowers
vibrant (adj)– full of energy and life
cultivate (v)– prepare and use soil for crops or gardening.


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