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My Name is Sammy

Hello there! My name is Sammy. I am bright red in colour and I am very powerful. I can have many different types of programs installed into me. Can you guess what I am?

I am a laptop! A special edition laptop. All laptops are made of microchips, wires, processors and also plastic and metal parts. The special thing about me is that I have solar panels. These panels enable me to produce solar power to to charge my own batteries. I am also able to work three times faster than the other normal laptops.

I was born in 2014 at a factory in Japan. There were thousands of us in that factory. Some were blue in colour. Others were silver in colour. Some had patterns on their bodies. Others were plain. But there were only five of us that were red in colour and had solar panels.

Before we could leave the factory, we had to go through many tests. Once all of us passed the tests, we were packed up in boxes. We were then shipped to different parts of the world.

A few boxes of us were shipped to Malaysia. We were all very excited to know how our lives would be like once we arrived in Malaysia.

We arrived at a port called Port Klang. From there, a huge truck took us to a shop in a mall named The 1 Digital Mall.

Our new home was very huge, bright and well organised. We discovered that we were not the only devices that were being sold at this shop. It had many other types of electronic devices such as cameras, computers, televisions and sound systems. I was placed in a special glass case. Every day, many people would come by the shop to look for the devices that they needed. One by one, my friends were bought and brought to their new homes. I couldn’t wait for my turn.

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special edition (n) – a special type which is different from the usual style.
microchip (n) – a small chip in a computer.
processor (n) – a part of a computer that processes data or information.
solar panel (n) – a thing that converts light into electricity.

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