A2 Information Report

My First Betta Fish

I love animals! I love playing with kittens, puppies, rabbits and all kinds of other cute animals. I often wished that I could have my very own pet one day.

A few months ago my dream came true. My father told me, “Let’s go to the pet store to buy a pet.”

My father explained, “We are living in a small apartment. We can’t have a very big pet. Big pets like cats and dogs need space to run and play in. So, you can have a smaller pet that lives in its own small home.”

I started to dream of the kind of pet I would choose. Should I get a fluffy hamster that lived in a cage? Or perhaps a lizard living in a glass box. I did not think my mother would be very pleased with that!

When we went to the pet store, I was overwhelmed by all the animals around me. However, what I liked most were the colourful fish swimming around in the aquariums.

We walked around the aquarium area in the pet store. There were so many interesting fish that I could not decide which one to pick. We asked the shop owner for some ideas. He brought us to a place in the shop with small colourful fish in their own glass bowls. I noticed that there were pieces of card paper in between the fish bowls.

The shop owner told me, “These are Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta Fish. These fish are very feisty. When they see other fish they want to fight with them! The pieces of card paper are there so that the fish do not see their neighbours.”

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overwhelmed having strong feelings
feisty active and strong
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