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Love Your Body!

Sometimes when you look into the mirror, you might think “I’m too fat. If only I were skinnier”. Do you have something you dislike about your body? If so, you are not alone. As a teen, you will go through lots of changes in your body so you may perceive your body differently at different times. How you view your physical self is called “body image”, whether you feel attractive or not.

There are two kinds of body image, positive and negative. If you have a positive body image, you are someone who feels comfortable with your physical features the way they are. This healthy attitude allows you to explore the wonderful bits of growing up, such as developing good friendships and challenging yourself physically and mentally.

A negative body image however, is a distorted perception of your body shape in which you perceive parts of your body as unattractive. “My nose is too large. My legs are too thin. I have narrow shoulders.” You are not comfortable because you feel ashamed, self-conscious, or anxious about your body. A negative body image can create great distress for many people. When body concerns impair your ability to function in everyday life, there may be a possibility that you have developed a psychological disorder called body dysmorphic disorder.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is the condition where people are obsessed with their flaws in appearance. Most of us spend some time in front of the mirror checking our appearances and many people have some kind of dissatisfaction with their bodies. These concerns do not last long for most, but for some people, the concerns continue even when they are not in front of the mirror anymore. They become so focused on the smallest imperfections that they cannot stop checking their appearances.

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distorted – a misleading or false account or impression; misrepresented
psychological – affecting, or arising in the mind; relating to the mental and emotional state of a person
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