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Libraries are Fun!

Be prepared to fall in love with books and knowledge when you visit a library. It is like the Chronicles of Narnia (the story where the children enter a cupboard and find themselves in an enchanted world where you meet lions and witches).

Libraries have many books and comfortable places for you to read them. Some of the books have wonderful stories from near and far, and some books are about the world around you. Books explore every imaginable subject – from inside you to outer space!

If you cannot find a book that you are looking for, you can ask the librarian. Librarians are people who work at libraries and take care of the books and all the things in the library. They know all about books.

Do not worry if you cannot finish the book before it is time to go. You can tell the librarian that you would like to borrow the book. The librarian will scan the book and let you take it home. Be sure to bring it back when you are done, or you will have to pay a fine.

Many kids who think they do not like reading do not like going to a library very much. I say “think” because once they discover the wonders of what books can do with your imagination; they will be hooked on reading.

However, libraries actually have much more than just books. They are great places to have fun while learning. Many libraries also have video and music collections. There will be many children’s movies or cartoons that you can watch in the viewing rooms. Some of these shows are very old. You will not find these on your usual television channels.

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comfortable – a cosy, relaxing feeling
scan – pass the book through a special machine
collections – a group of things
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