A1 Short Story

Ishwaar Goes Camping

Ishwaar is very excited. Tomorrow, his family will go camping. His father promised to take them camping during the school holidays. Ishwaar had wanted to go camping for a long time. They will go camping at a place called Janda Baik.

Ishwaar packs his bag. He cannot sleep that night. He is too excited about the camping trip.

The next morning, the family puts everything they need into the family car. There are so many things to take! They bring a tent, food and things to cook with. The family car is full!

The drive to Janda Baik takes about one hour. It is very beautiful. There are many hills. When they reach the camping place, they take out everything from the car. Then they put up their tent. They take a long time to put up their tent because it is not easy. The tent keeps falling over.

After that, Ishwaar’s mother cooks lunch. They use a small gas stove to cook with. She cooks soup noodles. Then they have a rest. It is very nice to sit under the trees. It is not hot sitting under the trees.

There is a river near the camping place. Ishwaar changes into his swimming trousers and jumps into the river. The water is cold. The river is not deep. He plays with his older brother. He enjoys playing in the river.



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