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Why do you get out of bed every morning? Is it because your alarm clock rang? Is it because you have to go to work or school? Why do you play with your friends?

Without knowing it, you have been practising “ikigai”. Ikigai is “a way of life” practised by the Japanese.

The Japanese word ikigai (生き甲斐) is made up of two words. When put together, they mean “a reason for being alive”. The first half of the Japanese word “iki” means “life”. The second half is “gai” which means “result or worth”.

 The Japanese believe that each and every person on earth has “ikigai”. It is the thing that a person has to find in their life. It is also the things that make someone feel that their life is valuable. It is a mix of body and spiritual circumstances. It lets a person feel that his life has a reason – that they have a reason to live.

Don’t waste your life by doing things that others tell you. Don’t be a doctor because someone told you to.You should be a doctor because you love helping people and making them healthy.

So, is there a standard “ikigai” applicable to everybody ?


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valuable – something of value, worth.
circumstances – conditions in an event.
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