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Growing Vegetables From Leftovers

You are lucky if your home has a small garden. Such gardens are usually covered with grass. Homeowners also beautify their gardens by growing flowers. However, long ago, people planted vegetables in their gardens and when they wanted to eat vegetables, they simply went to their garden and picked what they needed. Some people would also plant a fruit tree so that they could eat their favourite fruit fresh from their garden.

Many people think vegetables have to be grown in large farms and then sold at supermarkets. That is not entirely true. You can easily grow vegetables and it can be done using parts of the vegetables that you usually throw away!/span>

Here are some nutritious vegetables you can grow yourself:

Bok choy is a leafy Chinese vegetable that is popular as a stir-fried dish. The hard bottom stem is hard and not very tasty. Most of the time, the bottom stem is cut off and thrown away. Next, time, just rinse off the bottom part and place it into a bowl of water. Then put the bowl next to a window or somewhere with lots of sunlight. Change the water in the bowl every morning. Within a few days, you should see your bok choy growing. Once that happens, transfer it to your garden. Dig a small hole and cover the bok choy with soil but not the leaves. Water it every day and watch it grow. Once it is grown to a proper size, just cut the vegetable near the base. More bok choy will continue growing!

Yes, it is just that simple to grow your own vegetables! The same method will work for lettuce, celery and cabbage too.

To grow carrots, you have to make sure you buy carrots with a bit of green stem on its “head”. Cut about one centimetre off the orange top. Then, place it in a bowl of water just covering the carrot part but not the stem. Place it next to a sunny windowsill and change its water every day. When the stem starts to grow new leaves, transfer it to your garden. Bury the carrot part but not the green stem. They take about 3 months to grow.

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stir-fried – cooked quickly without much oil and the result is not crispy like fried chicken
windowsill – bottom part of a window
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