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Frozen In Time

Humans having their bodies cryogenicallyfrozen to be miraculous brought back to life at a later date is one of those Sci-Fi ideas that is almost, but not quite yet, upon us. The idea of being frozen and then reanimated years, decades or even centuries later crops up in many novels and movies. There are people who have been already frozen but this is after their death. They were frozen in the hopes that a cure for the cause of their death might be found in the distant future.

It is estimated that there are around 250 people in a cryogenic state at this moment in time. They are looked after by one of half a dozen cryogenic organisations. There are reports of many more people signing up for the chance to be preserved and then revived in future. The reasons they give are varied. Some expressed are: a chance at immortality, fear of death, or a desire to experience life in the future.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, it is an area of science which generates passion and conjecture. Robert Ettinger is considered by many to be the father of cryonics having spent much of his life in pursuit of his dream to be frozen and brought back to life. He made his idea public with his book “The Prospect of Immortality”. The former physics teacher founded the Cryonics Institute in Detroit in 1976. He died aged 92 and is now the 106th person to have been frozen there.

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cryogenically – scientifically freezing a body to stop decomposition
crops up – to appear suddenly
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