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Don’t Ride The Elephant

Every year, millions of tourists visit countries in Asia. There are many animals they have never seen before in real life. One of their favourite animals is the elephant.

The Asian elephant lives in countries like Malaysia, India and Thailand. Long ago, they were used to do work. The strong elephant can pull big logs. Some elephants were used in war too.

Today, tourists who visit these countries love to ride on the elephants. The owner of the elephant will charge people who want to sit on his elephant. In India, you can see elephants waiting near famous old palaces. Many tourists who visit the famous places will pay to ride the elephants.

There are many poor families in India. Some of these poor families own an elephant. The elephants used to work pulling logs for wood factories. It is sad that some of them do not have jobs anymore. So they let tourists ride their elephants. They earn money from the tourists.

Riding the elephants will hurt the elephants. Many elephants are tired from carrying tourists. They have to walk a lot. The owner of the elephant will beat the elephant and make it carry tourists. The elephants work from morning till night. If they don’t want to work, the owner will beat them or use a sharp stick on them. The elephant feels a lot of pain.



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tourist – a person who visits another country for a holiday
log – the trunk of a tree, the stem
charge – to ask for money
palace – a big house that the king lives in
beat – to hit again and again
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