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Crazy for K-Pop!



‘Pop music’ comes from the words ‘popular music’. One of the very popular types of pop music today is K-Pop. K-Pop is short for ‘Korean Pop’. The amazing thing about K-Pop is that it is not only popular in South Korea but also all around the world, even in countries where not many people speak Korean.

You may have heard such songs on the radio. They can be heard on English, Chinese and even Malay radio stations. K-Pop music actually does not sound very different from American or Malaysian pop music. For this reason, you may not know that you are listening to one unless you listen very closely. When you listen closely you may find that you cannot understand the words at all!

There are many popular K-Pop boy and girl bands. Usually, these bands have many members. For example, Girl’s Generation is a girl band made up of 8 members, and Super Junior has 11 boys in the band! Band members are very talented. Not only do they sing well, but they also dance and act well. They are also very handsome and beautiful!

Apart from dancing and singing, K-Pop stars often act in television shows and movies. Some of them also have their own shows on the radio. The stars are very busy every day. They do many different activities. It is not easy being a K-Pop artist but many young Korean boys and girls want to be stars anyway.

Talented young Koreans who want to be a K-Pop star start training at a very early age. They have to go through many years of training before they become a popular band. They spend many hours a day together training their singing voices, as well as dancing, and acting skills. They also live together so that they can work well together as a team.

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popular (adj) – liked or enjoyed by many people.
talented (adj) – naturally good at something.
training (v) – practising something over and over again until you are really good at it.
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