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Chaos on Corcazoolah

A long time ago, in a faraway galaxy, on a small planet called Corcazoolah, a peculiar exhibition called “The Gathering” was held. There was a large dome in the middle with seven smaller domes arranged around it. The domes were made out of hundreds of translucent glass hexagons with aluminium borders. Each hexagon neatly fitted with each other to form a honeycomb pattern that reflected the sunlight at different angles.

The main attractions at this exhibition were these seven smaller domes. Each dome had a colour of its own shining from the inside. It looked as if there was a light or candle burning in its centre. The light was visible from outside the dome too.

The translucent hexagons enabled visitors to walk around the seven domes and look at the exhibition but no one was allowed inside the small domes. These domes were the homes of seven alien creatures captured when their mothership crashed onto this planet.

All seven of them were housed in their own individual dome. They were never allowed to touch each other. They could just the see the others from inside their own dome. Outside the domes, curious visitors stared at the alien creatures.

One of them was named Biru. She longed to be with her best friends Hijau and Merah. Everyday, she cried tears as blue as the deepest ocean. The guardians of their home planet saw her tears and were very sad at what the humans were doing to these beautiful creatures. But the guardians were helpless and could not do anything to help.

Her tears became droplets of blue diamonds; the organisers of the exhibition created canals of slow running water in her dome to collect the tears she cried. As soon her tears touched the water they crystallised into blue diamonds. The more Biru cried, the more diamonds were produced and the organisers were very happy as they were highly valued and fetched a huge sum of money when sold to jewellers in nearby galaxies.

However, as time passed, something strange started to occur.

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hexagons – a shape with six straight sides and angles
translucent – allowing light to pass through but not fully;
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