A1 Short Story

Before The Test

One morning, I woke up. I looked out of my window. The sun was out, the birds were chirping. Children were playing in the park near my house. It was a beautiful day.

Then, I realised, “It’s test time!”

I was afraid. I had not been studying at all. I had used too much time playing computer games and playing with my friends. I did not know what to do. So, I phoned my friend George. George was three years older than me. He was very good in tests. He always got good marks.

“George! It’s test time and I need your help! You’re good at tests…!”

George said that he would help me. He told me I was his favourite friend. “Don’t worry, just plan your time. Make a list of things you need to study. Plan how much time you need to study.”

That’s easy. But wait, how many hours do I need to study in a day?

“Well, in the first week, study about an hour a day.”

I thought, “That is not too much. I can do that. I can still have free days to do anything I want. I can watch TV, play computer games and football. I will also have time to do my normal homework and see my friends. This sounds like a good plan.”

George said, “Study for an hour and a half in the second week. Only half an hour longer. And the week before the tests, you can study for two hours a day.”

“Every day? What about free time?” I thought.

I know it’s important for every child to study but we need to know things outside of school too. This is a modern world.

Then, I remembered my friend Tom who is good at cooking. He meets his friends in school and he enjoys sports every evening. He helps his mother with the cooking and cleaning. That is how he learnt to cook. First, Tom’s mother taught him how to cook easy meals like pizza, and eggs and chips. Then he started using his mother’s cookbooks. Soon, he cooked his own food and they were nice! Tom says it is not difficult and great fun. I want to be like Tom too!

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cookbooks – book which teach you how to cook
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