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Abbreviations Every English Whizz Should Know!

‘Abbreviation’, ironically, is a long word to mean a shortened word or phrase. We use them to save time or keystrokes in writing or in emails. You may have seen it used before so you might have tried it to save a few keystrokes or look cool. For example, “LOL!” and “BTW” are common abbreviations used on the Internet.

Learning to use abbreviations in English is crucial. They are a great way to shorten commonly used phrases and add style to writing. That said, many people are guilty of using abbreviations without knowing what they actually stand for. They might know the meaning, or be able to venture a guess, but they often do not fully understand what the letters in an abbreviation stand for.

Here are some common abbreviations you might have come across. Don’t dismiss them as slang or chatroom
abbreviations, learn to use them properly!

ASAP: As Soon As Possible
It is pronounced by spelling each letter, A-S-A-P. Within a sentence, you can also pronounce it as a word.For example “You have to finish your proposal soon because the boss wants it ASAP!” An abbreviation which can be pronounced like a word is called an acronym.

RSVP: Répondez s’il vous plait
It is French for “please respond/reply”. You usually get an RSVP for an invitation to an event like a wedding or a party. The sender needs to know if you are coming or not, so they can make plans to accommodate you. Be kind and give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. Even if you are not going, you have to respond to the invitation. It goes without saying that you should not show up if you did not respond
to the RSVP. You won’t be on the guest list!

Download the activity sheet to practice the usage.

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