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A Turtle’s Tale

For 119 years now, the ocean has been my home. I was, however, not born in the deep blue. I was born on a beach. When I broke out of my shell, I recall my brothers and sisters and I scrambling for dear life, racing to the ocean as fast as we could. With a grand splash, I made my way into the safe waters, away from the dangers hidden on land and in the sky. What I didn’t know then was that the ocean can be dangerous too.

Just recently, there have been horrifying tales about ghost-like objects floating in the water. Many of my family members knock into them. The ghosts look like jellyfish but they are not. I wonder what these transparent things are.

But enough of these horrifying tales of the dangers that lie within the ocean. I’d much rather tell you all about the beautiful sights I have seen on my travels under the sea. I am lucky because I have a big and spacious home that covers almost 72% of the planet — that’s a vast amount of space for a tiny creature like me! I share this space with many other creatures. Some of them are nice and friendly; others not so much because they can be frightening.

Sharks and whales prey on us turtles for food. I always swim the other way as soon as I spot large sharks or killer whales in the ocean. Oxygen is important where we live and we rely largely on plants to carry out photosynthesis so we can breathe clean air. I do like to come up for air every now and then, just to look at the beautiful sky and the sun as it melts away into the horizon.

My journey started from the shores of Indonesia and my trusty flippers have never stopped moving. I have journeyed the currents of the largest ocean on Earth — the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific stretches from the North Pole to Antarctica in the south. If you swim to the east of the Pacific, you will land on the shores of America. If you go west, you will arrive on the sunny beaches of Australia, and even as far as the continent of Asia.

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scrambling – moving quickly, in a rush
vast – very big
prey on – to hunt as food
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