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10 Reasons Why You’ll Be Okay

Life has its own way of working out – or not. Life will have its ups and it will have its downs – maybe you are okay and you have no reason to be reading this; maybe you’re in a pinch and you need some encouragement or maybe, you just want to improve your English. Well, whatever the reason you chose to read this article, hopefully, you will walk away feeling that this article has benefited you.

We all have our troubles

You might have heard of this too but my mother used to say: there is always someone in a worse situation. Our troubles may be bothering us but it isn’t the end of the world. Each and every person around you has their own story and because of that, they have their own troubles as well. Rather than think that you are in the worst position, be a little more positive and have in mind that you’re probably a little better off than some.

Maybe our problems are microscopic

Close your eyes and breathe.

Count to 10! This is a secret technique I learnt a few years ago. When you take a few seconds off to breathe and take a step back, you will be able to see the bigger picture. Compared to the problems that the rest of the world is facing, what you’re troubled about may be a tad smaller. What’s worse than having a nuclear threat, right?

Let’s not forget the good

Sometimes it is easy to be overwhelmed by what we cannot do that we forget what we can do. So easily are we influenced by others – their words, thoughts and opinions of us. We seek for approval from others. However, we forget that we are okay the way we are; we have our unique good qualities.

So, whenever you are down thinking how you are lacking in certain qualities, write down what you are good at and remind yourself of them. If not, talk to someone about it. My go-to people are my best friends. Who are yours?

It’s about perspectives

Take a coin from your pocket or wallet. What do you see? Two sides to the coin!

Similarly, there are always two ways to see things, two versions of a story. If you were robbed today, even though it is horrible that you have lost your wallet but at least, you are still alive! You can either choose to whine about the wallet or be grateful that you were not hurt.

You’re In control of your reactions

If it rains and you are caught in it, you can either dance in the rain or run to the nearest shelter that you can find. If you fall down, you can either stand back up or choose to cry on the floor.

You are in control of your own reactions. You decide whether you are going to let something pull you up or down.

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pinch – a problematic situation; critical juncture; hardship
microscopic – very small or fine or precise
perspective – a way of looking at things
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